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ROBOT crypto attack on RSA is back as Marvin arrives

The Register - Anti-Virus - 26 Září, 2023 - 19:00
More precise timing tests find many implementations vulnerable

An engineer has identified longstanding undetected flaws in a 25-year-old method for encrypting data using RSA public-key cryptography.…

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Transgenic Silkworms Spin Spider Silk 6x Tougher Than Kevlar

Singularity HUB - 26 Září, 2023 - 19:00

The other day I dove headfirst into a spiderweb while half-asleep inside my camper van.

Screams aside, the logical part of me marveled at how fast a single creepy-crawly had woven such an intricate—and surprisingly bouncy and resilient—web in just a few hours.

Spider silk is a natural wonder. It’s tough and resists damage but is also highly flexible. Light, strong, and biodegradable, the silk can be used for anything from surgical sutures to bulletproof vests.

Why wouldn’t we produce more of these silks for human consumption? Spiders are terrible biological manufacturing machines. Creepy factor aside, they’re very combative—put a few hundred together, and you’ll soon be left with a handful of victors and very little product.

Thanks to genetic engineering, however, we may now have a way to skip spiders altogether in the manufacturing of spider silk.

In a study published last week, a team from Donghua University in China used CRISPR to create genetically engineered silkworms that can produce spider silk. The resulting strands are tougher than Kevlar—a synthetic component used in bulletproof vests. Compared to synthetic materials, such spider silk is a far more biodegradable alternative that may be easily scaled for production.

Dr. Justin Jones at Utah State University, who was not involved in the study, gave the new weave a nod of approval. The resulting material is “a really high-performance fiber,” he said to Science.

Meanwhile, to the authors, their strategy isn’t limited to spider silk. The study uncovered several biophysical principles for building silk materials with exceptional strength and flexibility.

Further experimentation could potentially yield next-generation textiles beyond current capabilities.

Of Worms, Arthropods, and History

Nature offers a wealth of inspiration for cutting-edge materials.

Take Velcro, the hook-and-loop material that may be hanging your bathroom towels or securing your kid’s shoes. The ubiquitous material was first conceived by Swiss engineer George de Mestral in the 1940s when trying to brush burrs off his pants after a hike. A further look under the microscope showed the burrs had sharp hooks which snagged loops in the fabric. De Mestral turned the hiking nuisance into the hook-and-loop fabric available in all hardware stores today.

A less prickly example is silk. First cultured by ancient China roughly 5,000 years ago, silk is spun from wriggly, rotund silkworms and spun into fabrics using primitive looms. These delicate silks spread throughout East Asia and to the west, helping establish the legendary Silk Road.

Yet as anyone who’s owned a silk garment or sheets will know, these are incredibly delicate materials that easily rip and break down.

The challenges we face with silkworm silk are shared by most materials.

One problem is strength: how much stretching a material can handle over time. Imagine yanking a slightly shrunken sweater after washing. The less strength the fibers have, the less likely the garment will hold its shape. The other problem is toughness. Simply put, it’s how much energy a material can absorb before breaking down. An old sweater will easily spring holes with just a tug. On the other hand, Kevlar, a bulletproof material, can literally take bullets.

Unfortunately, the two properties are mutually exclusive in today’s engineered materials, said the team.

Nature, however, has a solution: spider silk is both strong and tough. The problem is wrangling the arthropods to produce silk in a safe and effective environment. These animals are vicious predators. A hundred silkworms in captivity can cuddle in peace; throw a hundred spiders together and you get a bloodbath out of which only one or two remains alive.

A Spider-Worm Womb

What if we could combine the best of silkworms and spiders?

Scientists have long wanted to engineer a “meet-cute” date for the two species with the help of genetic engineering. No, it’s not a cross-species rom-com. The main idea is to genetically endow silkworms with the ability to produce spider silk.

But the genes encoding spider silk proteins are large. This makes them tough to jam into the genetic code of other creatures without overwhelming natural cells and causing them to fail.

Here, the team first used a computational method to hunt down the minimal structure of silk. The resulting model mapped silk protein differences between silkworms and spiders. Luckily, both species spin fibers out of similar protein structures—called polyamide fibers—though each is based on different protein components.

Another bit of luck is shared anatomy. “The silk glands of domestic silkworms and spider silk glands exhibit remarkably similar” physical and chemical environments, said the team.

Using the model, they identified a critical component that boosts silk strength and toughness—a relatively small silk protein, MiSp, found in Araneus ventricosus spiders from East Asia.

With CRISPR-Cas9, a gene editing tool, the team then added genes coding for MiSp into silkworms—essentially rejiggering them to spin spider silk. Accomplishing this was a technological nightmare, requiring hundreds of thousands of microinjections into fertilized silkworm eggs to edit their silk-spinning glands. As a sanity check, the team also added a gene that made the silkworms’ eyes glow hauntingly red, which signaled success.

Study author Junpeng Mi “danced and practically ran to” the lead author, Dr. Meng Qing’s office. “I remember that night vividly, as the excitement kept me awake,” said Mi.

The resulting worm-spider silks are roughly six times tougher than Kevlar but still flexible. It’s surprising, said Jones, because fibers using MiSp aren’t always stretchy. As a bonus, the silkworms also naturally sprayed a sort of protective coating to strengthen the fibers. This made them potentially more durable than previous artificially made spider silk. ­­

The team is further exploring their computational model to design biologically compatible silk for medical sutures. Beyond that they hope to get more creative. Synthetic biologists have long wanted to develop artificial amino acids (the molecular pieces that make up proteins). What would happen if we added synthetic amino acids to biodegradable fabrics?

“The introduction of over one hundred engineered amino acids holds boundless potential for engineered spider silk fibers,” said Mi.

Image Credit: Junpeng Mi, College of Biological Science and Medical Engineering, Donghua University, Shanghai, China

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ShadowSyndicate: A New Cybercrime Group Linked to 7 Ransomware Families

The Hacker News - 26 Září, 2023 - 17:56
Cybersecurity experts have shed light on a new cybercrime group known as ShadowSyndicate (formerly Infra Storm) that may have leveraged as many as seven different ransomware families over the past year. "ShadowSyndicate is a threat actor that works with various ransomware groups and affiliates of ransomware programs," Group-IB and Bridewell said in a joint technical report. The actor, active THN / Malware37.09024 -95.7128918.780006163821156 -130.869141 65.400473836178847 -60.556641
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Spotify naklonuje podcasty do jiného jazyka. AI zvládne i barvu hlasu autora

Živě.cz - 26 Září, 2023 - 17:45
Podcasty na Spotify brzy budou dostupné v široké škále jazyků, posluchači prý téměř nepoznají, že přeloženou verzi nenamluvili původní autoři, nýbrž počítač. Je to díky nové funkci Voice Translation založené na technologii od OpenAI, kterou streamovací služba oznámila na blogu. Přeložit ...
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Peruánský speciál: Jak jsem nepotkal mimozemšťany v Alto Nanay

Živě.cz - 26 Září, 2023 - 16:45
Vytvořit věrohodný příběh o možné přítomnosti mimozemšťanů je až děsivě jednoduché • V zásadě vám k tomu stačí jen ta správná lokalita a moderní technologie • V Peru se „mimozemšťané“ vyskytují relativně často
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MOVEit breach delivers bundle of 3.4 million baby records

The Register - Anti-Virus - 26 Září, 2023 - 16:30
Progress Software vulnerability ID'd in enormous burglary at Ontario's BORN

Canada's Better Outcomes Registry & Network (BORN) fears a MOVEit breach allowed cybercriminals to copy 3.4 million people's childcare health records dating back more than a decade.…

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Firefox 118.0

AbcLinuxu [zprávičky] - 26 Září, 2023 - 15:55
Byl vydán Mozilla Firefox 118.0. Přehled novinek v poznámkách k vydání, poznámkách k vydání pro firmy a na stránce věnované vývojářům. Vypíchnout je nutno automatický lokální strojový překlad webových stránek. Řešeny jsou rovněž bezpečnostní chyby. Nový Firefox 118 je již k dispozici také na Flathubu a Snapcraftu.
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Politici se hádají kvůli šifrovaným telefonům. Přitom je to jen běžný mobil se speciálním softwarem

Živě.cz - 26 Září, 2023 - 15:45
Českem hýbe kauza používání šifrovaných telefonů • V tomto případě jde přitom jen o komunikační aplikaci • Zašifruje komunikaci, má ale spoustu omezení
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Jak vytvořit poutavou reklamu?

CD-R server - 26 Září, 2023 - 15:00
Řekne-li se slovo reklama, možná mnoho lidí překroutí očima. Ano, je jí prostě hodně. Ať už sledujete televizi, posloucháte rádio, díváte se videa na internetu nebo se jen tak procházíte, ze všech stran se na nás valí hodně reklamy.
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Nenápadná pražská firma vydělává miliardy. Na nejlepším kamionovém simulátoru pracuje 230 vývojářů

Živě.cz - 26 Září, 2023 - 14:45
Projíždět se virtuálním náklaďákem po evropských a amerických dálnicích je nejen zábava, ale také slušný byznys. Česká společnost SCS Software, jejíž herní kamionové simulátory oslovily hráče po celém světě, loni opět dosáhla zhruba půlmiliardového zisku. Svým třem spolumajitelům ale podobné peníze ...
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Essential Guide to Cybersecurity Compliance

The Hacker News - 26 Září, 2023 - 13:50
SOC 2, ISO, HIPAA, Cyber Essentials – all the security frameworks and certifications today are an acronym soup that can make even a compliance expert’s head spin. If you’re embarking on your compliance journey, read on to discover the differences between standards, which is best for your business, and how vulnerability management can aid compliance. What is cybersecurity compliance? The Hacker News / Penetration Testing37.09024 -95.7128918.780006163821156 -130.869141 65.400473836178847 -60.556641
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Xenomorph Banking Trojan: A New Variant Targeting 35+ U.S. Financial Institutions

The Hacker News - 26 Září, 2023 - 13:49
An updated version of an Android banking trojan called Xenomorph has set its sights on more than 35 financial institutions in the U.S. The campaign, according to Dutch security firm ThreatFabric, leverages phishing web pages that are designed to entice victims into installing malicious Android apps that target a broader list of apps than its predecessors. Some of the other targeted prominent THN Security / Malware37.09024 -95.7128918.780006163821156 -130.869141 65.400473836178847 -60.556641
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Euro 7 je schválené. Češi vedli revoltu a vydupali mírnější pravidla

Živě.cz - 26 Září, 2023 - 13:45
Kontroverzní Euro 7 je schválené. Emisní norma, na kterou se sneslo množství kritiky – zejména v tom smyslu, že zadusí evropský automobilový průmysl přílišnými nároky a dodatečnými náklady, přitom na ekologii bude mít mizivý vliv. Revoltu proti přísným pravidlům vedla Česká republika, přidaly se ...
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OCRmyPDF 15.0.0

AbcLinuxu [zprávičky] - 26 Září, 2023 - 12:53
Byla vydána nová major verze 15.0.0 softwaru OCRmyPDF pro přidávání textové vrstvy k naskenovaným PDF dokumentům (PDF/A). Přehled novinek v poznámkách k vydání. OCRmyPDF využívá pro optické rozpoznávání znaků (OCR) engine Tesseract.
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DJI Mini 4 Pro. Stále je to miniaturní dron, ale teď dostal profesionální výbavu

Živě.cz - 26 Září, 2023 - 12:45
Hmotnost pod 250 g nejdříve donutila DJI při vývoji řady Mini vyhodit mnoho užitečné výbavy, ale s postupnou miniaturizací komponent se i do této muší váhy dostávají výborné funkce. Nový dron DJI Mini 4 Pro přidává i výbavu, kterou by dříve kvůli hmotnosti musel vyhodit. Mírně také narostly ...
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Threat Report: High Tech Industry targeted the most with 46% of attack traffic tagged by NLX

The Hacker News - 26 Září, 2023 - 12:32
How To Use This Report Enhance situational awareness of techniques used by threat actors Identify potential attacks targeting your industry Gain insights to help improve and accelerate your organization’s threat response Summary of Findings The Network Effect Threat Report offers insights based on unique data from Fastly’s Next-Gen WAF from Q2 2023 (April 1, 2023 to June 30, 2023). This reportThe Hacker News Threat / DDoS Protection37.09024 -95.7128919.5819625045790815 -130.869141 64.598517495420921 -60.556641
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Bzzzt má nové demo

AbcLinuxu [zprávičky] - 26 Září, 2023 - 12:31
Karel Matějka zveřejnil druhé demo své chystané hry Bzzzt. Kromě verze pro Windows a macOS je dostupná i verze pro Linux. Plná verze hry má vyjít zanedlouho.
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Update on Naked Security

Sophos Naked Security - 26 Září, 2023 - 12:00
To consolidate all of our security intelligence and news in one location, we have migrated Naked Security to the Sophos News platform.

Chinese Hackers TAG-74 Targets South Korean Organizations in a Multi-Year Campaign

The Hacker News - 26 Září, 2023 - 11:49
A "multi-year" Chinese state-sponsored cyber espionage campaign has been observed targeting South Korean academic, political, and government organizations. Recorded Future's Insikt Group, which is tracking the activity under the moniker TAG-74, said the adversary has been linked to "Chinese military intelligence and poses a significant threat to academic, aerospace and defense, government, THN Espionage / Malware37.09024 -95.7128918.780006163821156 -130.869141 65.400473836178847 -60.556641
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Češi vypustí dva satelity. Jeden bude snímkovat Zemi, druhý je specializovaný vesmírný dalekohled

Živě.cz - 26 Září, 2023 - 10:45
Ministerstvo dopravy ve čtvrtek 21. září oznámilo plány na dvě české kosmické mise: AMBIC a QUVIK. Obě mise řeší Výzkumný a zkušební letecký ústav a do vesmíru odstartují za pět let. Rozpočet každé z nich bude přibližně 30 milionů eur, v přepočtu asi 732 milionů korun. „Poté, co jsme českým firmám ...
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