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Uncle Sam blames best pal China as Taidoor crew's dirty RAT takes aim at Western orgs, some have their doubts

The Register - Anti-Virus - 4 Srpen, 2020 - 16:06
Hello, 2009 called, they said they've got an email for you

A Chinese state-backed hacking crew named Taidoor is deploying a custom remote access trojan (RAT) against Western organisations, according to US authorities.…

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Apple Knocked Off Perch as Most Imitated Brand for Phishing Attacks - 4 Srpen, 2020 - 14:20
COVID-19 pandemic spurs spoofing preference changes, plus a surge in email-based attacks.
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Podcast: Learning to ‘Speak the Language’ of OT Security Teams - 4 Srpen, 2020 - 14:19
Andrew Ginter, VP Industrial Security at Waterfall Security Solutions, talks about the differing priorities between IT and OT security teams as industrial control systems become connected.
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GandCrab ransomware hacker arrested in Belarus

Sophos Naked Security - 4 Srpen, 2020 - 14:19
Suspect is alleged to have extorted more than 1000 people, mostly in India, US, Ukraine, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Russia.

Doctor, doctor, got some sad news, there's been a bad case of hacking you: UK govt investigates email fail

The Register - Anti-Virus - 4 Srpen, 2020 - 09:01
Former trade minister Dr. Liam Fox named as source of leaked trade docs

Former UK trade minister and current Conservative MP Dr. Liam Fox has been named as the source of hacked trade documents released during last year's British elections.…

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Leaky AWS S3 buckets are so common, they're being found by the thousands now – with lots of buried secrets

The Register - Anti-Virus - 4 Srpen, 2020 - 01:47
When will this madness end?

Misconfigured AWS S3 storage buckets exposing massive amounts of data to the internet are like an unexploded bomb just waiting to go off, say experts.…

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Days after President Trump suggests pausing election over security, US House passes $500m for states to shore up election security

The Register - Anti-Virus - 3 Srpen, 2020 - 22:51
Chances of it getting enacted in time for November – slim to almost nil

The US House of Representatives has passed a spending bill which includes a $500m election security provision.…

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Google Updates Ad Policies to Counter Influence Campaigns, Extortion - 3 Srpen, 2020 - 22:01
Starting Sept. 1, Google will crack down on misinformation, a lack of transparency and the ability to amplify or circulate politically influential content.
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Netgear Won’t Patch 45 Router Models Vulnerable to Serious Flaw - 3 Srpen, 2020 - 21:03
Almost two months after a high-severity flaw was disclosed - and seven months after it was first reported - Netgear has yet to issue fixes for 45 of its router models.
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UK Defence Committee chair muses treating TikTok like Huawei: So eyeball its code then ban it from the country?

The Register - Anti-Virus - 3 Srpen, 2020 - 19:36
Chinese-owned vid app reportedly moving HQ to London

The chairman of UK Parliament's Defence Committee has suggested making popular app TikTok subject to Huawei-style code reviews by GCHQ, if its reported move to a new London HQ comes true.…

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Garmin Pays Up to Evil Corp After Ransomware Attack — Reports - 3 Srpen, 2020 - 18:26
The ransom for the decryptor key in the WastedLocker attack could have topped $10 million, sources said.
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Linux Foundation rolls bunch of overlapping groups into one to tackle growing number of open-source security vulns

The Register - Anti-Virus - 3 Srpen, 2020 - 17:44
OpenSSF to take projects from CII and OSSC under its umbrella

The Linux Foundation has formed the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) with founding board members representing companies including IBM, GitHub, Google, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, NCC Group, and Red Hat.…

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Black Hat USA 2020: Critical Flaws Reveal Common AppSec Holes - 3 Srpen, 2020 - 17:13
With Black Hat USA 2020 kicking off this week, Erez Yalon with Checkmarx talks about newly disclosed, critical vulnerabilities in - and why they are the "holy grail" for attackers.
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'We stopped ransomware' boasts Blackbaud CEO. And by 'stopped' he means 'got insurance to pay off crooks'

The Register - Anti-Virus - 3 Srpen, 2020 - 16:02
CRM biz doesn't 'anticipate any kind of material financial impact' but can't say same for those whose data was nicked

"We discovered and stopped a sophisticated attempted ransomware attack," Blackbaud CEO Michael Gianoni has told financial analysts – failing to mention the company simply paid off criminal extortionists to end the attack.…

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Meetup Critical Flaws Allow ‘Group’ Takeover, Payment Theft - 3 Srpen, 2020 - 15:05
Researchers disclosed critical flaws in the popular Meetup service at Black Hat USA 2020 this week, which could allow takeover of Meetup "Groups."
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Monday review – our recent stories revisited

Sophos Naked Security - 3 Srpen, 2020 - 11:41
Get yourself up to date with everything we've written in the last seven days - it's weekly roundup time.

Oh cool, more Cisco patches to apply. Happy Monday

The Register - Anti-Virus - 3 Srpen, 2020 - 08:03
Meanwhile, KDE desktops can be pwned by evil archives

In Brief  Cisco customers once again find themselves needing to patch critical vulnerabilities in Switchzilla's gear.…

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Ransomware v Garminu: výkupné bylo 10 milionů dolarů. Zaplatili ho?

VIRY.CZ - 2 Srpen, 2020 - 11:39

Ze společnosti Garmin prosakují informace, že minimálně u části infrastruktury nedošlo ke “klasickému” postupu, kdy se zašifrované stroje kompletně smažou, přeinstalují a data obnoví ze záloh. Společnost Garmin měla patrně již od 25.7. dešifrovací klíč pro ransomware WastedLocker

Jak se k němu dostala? Zaplatila alespoň část výkupného? To se asi nikdy nedozvíme. Nicméně pokud není v ransomware WastedLocker vysloveně programátorská chyba, je nereálné vytvořit dekryptor bez “spolupráce” s útočníky. Do procesu dešifrování jsou podle indícií zapojeny i společnosti Emsisoft a Coveware. První je známá řadou nástrojů pro dešifrování ransomware a druhá nabízí pomoc po řádění ransomware.

Tohle zůstalo na stanicích po útoku ransomware WastedLocker ve společnosti Garmin…

Více v tomhle článku –

Současný stav služeb Garmin:

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Twitter hack – three suspects charged in the US

Sophos Naked Security - 1 Srpen, 2020 - 03:08
Three people have been fingered for the recent Twitter hack in which 45 high-profle accounts were taken over.

Who was behind that stunning Twitter hack? State spies? Probably this Florida kid, say US prosecutors

The Register - Anti-Virus - 1 Srpen, 2020 - 00:28
Alleged 17-year-old mastermind among trio charged over account mass hijackings

Three individuals were charged on Friday for allegedly hijacking a string of high-profile Twitter accounts after hoodwinking the social network's staff.…

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