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This Decade's Most Significant Security Vulnerabilities at a Glance> - 14 Leden, 2021 - 13:51
Thank you to Skynats for contributing this article.Past many years in the computer and IT security world are manipulated with so many vulnerabilities. We can see enormous cloud computing adopters using high speed 4G LTE networks in mobile devices. Let's have a look on top vulnerabilities that crippled IT world this decade.
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What must be done to bring Linux to the Apple M1 chip> - 14 Leden, 2021 - 13:45
Linus Torvalds would love to run Linux on an M1-powered Mac, and a crowd-sourced project is trying to port Linux to Apple's newest, but top Linux kernel developer Greg Kroah-Hartman warns that it won't be easy. That being said, "With some luck and a lot of hard work, Linux users may eventually run Linux users' favorite OS on the next-generation of their favorite Apple hardware."
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Experts Uncover Malware Attacks Against Colombian Government and Companies

The Hacker News - 14 Leden, 2021 - 10:10
Cybersecurity researchers took the wraps off an ongoing surveillance campaign directed against Colombian government institutions and private companies in the energy and metallurgical industries. In a report published by ESET on Tuesday, the Slovak internet security company said the attacks — dubbed "Operation Spalax" — began in 2020, with the modus operandi sharing some similarities to an APT
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Němci zasahovali na dark webu – zavřeli nelegální tržiště DarkMarket s více než 500 tisíci uživateli - bezpečnost - 14 Leden, 2021 - 08:45
Dark web má celou řadu výhod, ale i nevýhod. Zatímco k výhodám patří především anonymita a svoboda, z nevýhod můžeme jmenovat například velmi dobře prosperující obchod s návykovými látkami. Na takzvaných „tržištích“ lze sehnat prakticky cokoli – počínaje léky na předpis, přes marihuanu, až po tvrdé ...
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TikTok Takes Teen Accounts Private

Threatpost - 13 Leden, 2021 - 23:03
The company announced accounts for ages 13-15 will default to a strong privacy setting, among other safety measures.
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High-Severity Cisco Flaw Found in CMX Software For Retailers

Threatpost - 13 Leden, 2021 - 22:22
Cisco fixed high-severity flaws tied to 67 CVEs overall, including ones found inits AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client and in its RV110W, RV130, RV130W, and RV215W small business routers.
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Critical WordPress-Plugin Bug Found in ‘Orbit Fox’ Allows Site Takeover

Threatpost - 13 Leden, 2021 - 20:41
Two security vulnerabilities -- one a privilege-escalation problem and the other a stored XSS bug -- afflict a WordPress plugin with 40,000 installs.
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Hackers Leak Stolen Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine Data

Threatpost - 13 Leden, 2021 - 18:15
On the heels of a cyberattack on the EMA, cybercriminals have now leaked Pfizer and BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine data on the internet.
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Sophisticated Hacks Against Android, Windows Reveal Zero-Day Trove

Threatpost - 13 Leden, 2021 - 17:57
Watering-hole attacks executed by ‘experts’ exploited Chrome, Windows and Android flaws and were carried out on two servers.
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Home schooling – how to stay secure

Sophos Naked Security - 13 Leden, 2021 - 16:35
Whether you’re new to home schooling or an old hand, it’s worth taking a moment to ensure you’re doing it securely.

CISOs Prep For COVID-19 Exposure Notification in the Workplace

Threatpost - 13 Leden, 2021 - 15:00
Security teams are preparing for the inevitable return to the workplace - and the privacy implications of exposure notification apps that companies may need to adopt.
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Microsoft Defender for Linux now has endpoint detection and response security> - 13 Leden, 2021 - 14:19
Microsoft Defender for Linux - Microsoft's server-based Linux security program - is now ready to protect your Linux servers, Windows desktops, and Macs with endpoint detection and response capabilities.
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Hackeři nemají s nemocnicemi slitování. Útočí častěji a chtějí více peněz - bezpečnost - 13 Leden, 2021 - 13:21
Lékaři mají v posledních měsících prakticky po celém světě plné ruce práce s covidovými pacienty. Práci jim navíc komplikují hackeři, kteří s nemocnicemi nemají slitování ani v době pandemie. Nejenže útočí častěji, ale také požadují stále vyšší výkupné.
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Intel Adds Hardware-Enabled Ransomware Detection to 11th Gen vPro Chips

The Hacker News - 13 Leden, 2021 - 11:07
Intel and Cybereason have partnered to build anti-ransomware defenses into the chipmaker's newly announced 11th generation Core vPro business-class processors. The hardware-based security enhancements are baked into Intel's vPro platform via its Hardware Shield and Threat Detection Technology (TDT), enabling profiling and detection of ransomware and other threats that have an impact on the CPU
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Hackers Steal Mimecast Certificate Used to Securely Connect with Microsoft 365

The Hacker News - 13 Leden, 2021 - 09:41
Mimecast said on Tuesday that "a sophisticated threat actor" had compromised a digital certificate it provided to certain customers to securely connect its products to Microsoft 365 (M365) Exchange. The discovery was made after the breach was notified by Microsoft, the London-based company said in an alert posted on its website, adding it's reached out to the impacted organizations to remediate
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Buyer's Guide for Securing Internal Environment with a Small Cybersecurity Team

The Hacker News - 13 Leden, 2021 - 09:37
Ensuring the cybersecurity of your internal environment when you have a small security team is challenging. If you want to maintain the highest security level with a small team, your strategy has to be 'do more with less,' and with the right technology, you can leverage your team and protect your internal environment from breaches. The "buyer's guide for securing the internal environment with a
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Německá policie odhalila zřejmě největší obchod na darknetu - bezpečnost - 13 Leden, 2021 - 08:51
Německé policii se podařilo odhalit a vyřadit z provozu platformu na takzvaném darknetu, na které se prodávaly drogy, falešné úřední dokumenty i bankovky. Informovaly o tom zvláštní policejní útvar a oddělení generální prokuratury, které se zaměřují na kybernetickou kriminalitu. Podle nich šlo o zřejmě největší nelegální internetový obchod na světě. Zadržet se podařilo i jeho provozovatele.
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Authorities Take Down World's Largest Illegal Dark Web Marketplace

The Hacker News - 13 Leden, 2021 - 08:49
Europol on Tuesday said it shut down DarkMarket, the world's largest online marketplace for illicit goods, as part of an international operation involving Germany, Australia, Denmark, Moldova, Ukraine, the U.K.'s National Crime Agency (NCA), and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). At the time of closure, DarkMarket is believed to have had 500,000 users and more than 2,400 vendors,
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Experts Sound Alarm On New Android Malware Sold On Hacking Forums

The Hacker News - 13 Leden, 2021 - 06:24
Cybersecurity researchers have exposed the operations of an Android malware vendor who teamed up with a second threat actor to market and sell a remote access Trojan (RAT) capable of device takeover and exfiltration of photos, locations, contacts, and messages from popular apps such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Kik, Line, and Google Messages. The vendor, who goes by the
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Microsoft Issues Patches for Defender Zero-Day and 82 Other Windows Flaws

The Hacker News - 13 Leden, 2021 - 06:01
For the first patch Tuesday of 2021, Microsoft released security updates addressing a total of 83 flaws spanning as many as 11 products and services, including an actively exploited zero-day vulnerability. The latest security patches cover Microsoft Windows, Edge browser, ChakraCore, Office and Microsoft Office Services, and Web Apps, Visual Studio, Microsoft Malware Protection Engine, .NET Core
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