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Francesca Ferrando on Philosophical Posthumanism

20 Leden, 2021 - 17:16
Though admittedly posthumanist, Francesca Ferrando‘s Philosophical Posthumanism is the best book on transhumanism that I have read so far. I believe that it is a must-read for transhumanists and non-transhumanists alike. In fact, one can argue that Ferrando’s book ranks right up there with the very best not only on the transhuman, but also on […]
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Kim Stanley Robinson on Climate Change and the Ministry for the Future

11 Leden, 2021 - 17:56
Kim Stanley Robinson has an asteroid named after him. The reason for that is simple: Stan, as he’s often known among people who know him, is one of the best known contemporary authors of classic [hard] science fiction. He has written 20 books that have been translated into 25 languages and has won pretty much […]
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Matthew Cole on Vegan Sociology, Ethics, Transhumanism and Technology

4 Leden, 2021 - 16:04
Dr. Matthew Cole is the only vegan sociologist that I know of. His unique point of view on veganism, especially its implications with respect to ethics, transhumanism, and the application of technology, has already left a mark on the way I perceive the small challenges of being vegan as an opportunity for personal discipline and […]
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Nikola Danaylov on Ex Human: the Lessons of 2020

27 Prosinec, 2020 - 17:22
I want to help out new podcasters as much as I can. So, when they ask me for an interview, I’m almost always looking for a reason to say “Yes.” Here is my 2nd interview for Alexander Padalka’s Ex Human on the lessons of 2020. I hope you find it is worth your time. During […]
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