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Intel announces “exploit busting” features in its next processor chips

16 Červen, 2020 - 18:57
More bad news for cybercrooks... we hope.

‘Anonymous’ takes down Atlanta Police Dept. site after police shooting

16 Červen, 2020 - 16:24
Hackers affiliating themselves with the hacktivist label have joined the Black Lives Matter backlash after a fatal police shooting on Friday.

Eavesdroppers can use light bulbs to listen in from afar

16 Červen, 2020 - 15:39
Researchers have developed an ingenious way to eavesdrop from a distance without relying on planted bugs: they just stare at a light bulb.

You’ve heard of sextortion – now there’s “breachstortion”, too

15 Červen, 2020 - 20:57
Sextortion again - but with "we hacked your website and stole all your data" instead of "we hacked your webcam and made a video".

Congress wants to know who is using spyware against the US

15 Červen, 2020 - 17:51
A 2021 intelligence funding draft bill mandates a report on surveillance vendors and which countries or other actors are using spyware.

Microsoft Azure users leave front door open for cryptomining crooks

15 Červen, 2020 - 16:30
Microsoft has discovered a campaign that exploits Kubernetes to install cryptomining software in its Azure cloud.