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Social media namer and shamer charged

4 Leden, 2018 - 13:29
Sometimes, if not most times, silence on social media is golden.

Is your Spotify password up to scratch?

4 Leden, 2018 - 13:18
If you’re among the 140 million users who enjoy streaming music from Spotify, you might want to make sure you have a strong password.

Artificial Intelligence to listen for suicidal thoughts on social media

4 Leden, 2018 - 12:33
Individuals won't be identified. Nor will intervention be attempted. The aim is, rather, to proactively spot regional trends.

F**CKWIT, aka KAISER, aka KPTI – Intel CPU flaw needs low-level OS patches

3 Leden, 2018 - 19:45
It's known variously as F**KWIT, KAISER and KPTI - it's an Intel CPU flaw that means we need to trade performance for security.

Ad scripts track users via browser password managers

3 Leden, 2018 - 16:22
Advertisers have adopted a sly new technique to track web users that can’t be stopped by private browsing, or even changing devices.

Your Nigerian Prince is a 67 year old from Louisiana

3 Leden, 2018 - 15:09
Michael Neu said that he started as a victim before switching sides to become a middleman in the scams

Sensor data can be used to guess your PIN, unlock your phone

3 Leden, 2018 - 14:31
Turns out that those sensors in your smartphone that do all kinds of cool, magical things like give you directions, find your friends, let your Uber or Lyft driver find you, and a host of other conveniences have a not-so-cool downside.

Facebook ditches fake news flag, admits it was making things worse

3 Leden, 2018 - 12:53
The red flag was waving in the faces of bullishly entrenched, deeply held beliefs, so instead Facebook is just going to give "more context."

Windows Hello face recognition spoofed with photographs

2 Leden, 2018 - 18:57
You are the password (and so is a photograph of you)

IP address errors lead to wrongful arrests

2 Leden, 2018 - 17:08
It's not just typos that result in errors tracing an IP number back to a residential address

Tuesday review – the hot 8 stories of the week

2 Leden, 2018 - 11:48
From trying a new operating system and Mozilla's browser data leakage bug fix to how we all need IT, and more!

Alleged “Call of Duty” swatter arrested in LA after fatal shooting

31 Prosinec, 2017 - 02:05
What apparently started as a $1.50 bet on "Call of Duty" and turned into a Twitter argument ended up in an innocent man's death.

Browser data leakage bug – Mozilla to delete info just in case

30 Prosinec, 2017 - 22:44
An ironic bug - when Firefox hit a bug and crashed, it could then hit another bug and upload crash report data even if you'd told it not to.

Fancy a T-shirt? Try our New Year’s #sophospuzzle crossword…

29 Prosinec, 2017 - 22:21
If you're on IT duty over New Year's - here's a bit of fun that looks just like real work but isn't. (Don't let on that we said so.)

Holiday Fun #3: It’s (never) too late to learn long multiplication!

29 Prosinec, 2017 - 18:55
Don't worry, you can keep your calculator - but understanding how to speed up multiplication can make you safer online.

Holiday Fun #2: Relove some old software…

28 Prosinec, 2017 - 16:48
Why look to the past when you can look to the future? Because, with a half-decent digital archive, you can!

Holiday Fun #1: Try an unusual operating system…

28 Prosinec, 2017 - 00:58
We look at three alternative operating systems. Because it's Christmas, and because we can. You can too.

We all need IT! (Happy holidays from Sophos)

27 Prosinec, 2017 - 15:25
We wrote a song for the heroes who work in IT, and invited the world's 25 most famous singers to perform it. Here's what happened...

Weird and wacky security stories from 2017 – each in a single tweet!

26 Prosinec, 2017 - 23:24
We had fun squashing our favourite 2017 stories into tweet-sized versions. We'd love you to join in - try your hand at lossy compression!