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News in brief: lawyerbot offers Equifax help; Facebook faces privacy fine; gang hacks India ID scheme

12 Září, 2017 - 17:47
Your daily round-up of some of the other stories in the news

New iOS 11 features create fresh headaches for law enforcement

12 Září, 2017 - 16:56
The latest version of the iPhone and iPad platform requires a six-digit passcode before it will sync with a new laptop - and revealing a passcode does have Fifth Amendment protection

Beware the Kedi RAT pretending to be a Citrix file that Gmails home

12 Září, 2017 - 15:41
The Kedi Remote Access Trojan has some sneaky tricks up its sleeve - don't get caught out by it

Why are redditors ripping images from Instagram? Because they can

12 Září, 2017 - 14:48
If you'd rather a bunch of random people on the internet didn't 'archive' your photos, you're not alone - Instagram is trying to stop them

Researcher reveals D-Link router holes that might never be patched

12 Září, 2017 - 12:31
If you've got a D-Link DIR-850L AC1200 router, it's time to think about replacing it - the holes in the firmware might never be fixed

News in brief: Virginia ditches voting machines; Chrome to warn of MiTM hacks; Beijing cracks down on Bitcoin

11 Září, 2017 - 20:32
Your daily round-up of some of the other stories in the news

Concerns raised over claim that neural networks can detect sexuality

11 Září, 2017 - 19:19
Researchers - whose previous work has sparked concern - scraped photos without seeking consent from dating sites

When is a bug not a bug? When Microsoft says ‘it’s a feature’

11 Září, 2017 - 17:25
A researcher who notified Microsoft that he'd found a vulnerability has been told by 'a middleman' that its severity is low

What your phone can tell city transport planners

11 Září, 2017 - 16:29
London is just the latest city to use data gathered from mobile phones to try and understand how people use vital infrastructure

What can you do if you’re stuck in Robocall Hell? Nothing

11 Září, 2017 - 14:08
A real estate agent in South Carolina found herself in Robocall Hell, with more than 700 calls a day - and couldn't do anything to stop them

Monday review – the hot 25 stories of the week

11 Září, 2017 - 10:50
From the Equifax breach and how the company plans to defend your credit file to Apache Struts “serialisation” vulnerability, and more...

Equifax: woeful PINs put frozen credit files at risk

10 Září, 2017 - 15:27
Why the PINs protecting your frozen credit files aren't worthy of the name

News in brief: Uber faces FBI probe; Samsung offers bug bounties; ‘Humpty Dumpty’ hackers jailed

8 Září, 2017 - 19:50
Your daily round-up of some of the other stories in the news

Equifax: highlighting the problems with social security numbers

8 Září, 2017 - 19:29
With the SSNs of potentially half the US population exposed in the Equifax breach, it's time to rethink their ubiquitous use

Learning from the Equifax breach [VIDEO]

8 Září, 2017 - 18:42
Equifax - what we know, what we can do now, and what happens next...

Orfox app brings Tor’s security slider to Android

8 Září, 2017 - 18:30
Adding a slider means users can dial up the privacy settings without having to dig into the settings, making security that much easier - and better

Your voice assistant can hear things you can’t – such as a hacker

8 Září, 2017 - 16:33
What researchers have dubbed the Dolphin Attack is theoretical - for now - but it affects all voice assistants

Equifax data breach defense: freezing your credit file

8 Září, 2017 - 01:51
With up to 143m Americans' data potentially at risk, there are a lot of questions being asked. Here's what we know so far

News in brief: hacker fail; voting fail; Twitter fail

7 Září, 2017 - 19:59
Your daily round-up of some of the other stories in the news

Heading off to university? Watch out for phishing scams

7 Září, 2017 - 18:50
This is the time of year that students start receiving important emails from colleges and lenders - something the scammers try to exploit. Here's some advice for freshers - and all students