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Concerns raised over claim that neural networks can detect sexuality

Sophos Naked Security - 11 Září, 2017 - 19:19
Researchers - whose previous work has sparked concern - scraped photos without seeking consent from dating sites

When is a bug not a bug? When Microsoft says ‘it’s a feature’

Sophos Naked Security - 11 Září, 2017 - 17:25
A researcher who notified Microsoft that he'd found a vulnerability has been told by 'a middleman' that its severity is low

What your phone can tell city transport planners

Sophos Naked Security - 11 Září, 2017 - 16:29
London is just the latest city to use data gathered from mobile phones to try and understand how people use vital infrastructure

VB2017: nine last-minute papers announced

Virus Bulletin News - 11 Září, 2017 - 16:02
From attacks on Ukraine's power grid to web shells, and from car hacking to ransomware: we announce the first nine 'last-minute' papers on the VB2017 programme.

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44m UK consumers on Equifax's books. How many pwned? Blighty eagerly awaits spex on the breach

The Register - Anti-Virus - 11 Září, 2017 - 14:41
Speculation mounts as Equifax stays mum

The impact of the Equifax data leak in the UK remains unclear days after the breach was first made public, amid reports estimating that the personal details of up to 44 million Brit could have been exposed.…

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What can you do if you’re stuck in Robocall Hell? Nothing

Sophos Naked Security - 11 Září, 2017 - 14:08
A real estate agent in South Carolina found herself in Robocall Hell, with more than 700 calls a day - and couldn't do anything to stop them

Monday review – the hot 25 stories of the week

Sophos Naked Security - 11 Září, 2017 - 10:50
From the Equifax breach and how the company plans to defend your credit file to Apache Struts “serialisation” vulnerability, and more...

42: The answer to life, the universe and how many Cisco products have Struts bugs

The Register - Anti-Virus - 11 Září, 2017 - 08:29
Borg starts appraising its exposure to Apache problem

More than 42 Cisco products might inherit the Apache Struts bug that emerged last week.…

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Everybody without Android Oreo vulnerable to overlay attack

The Register - Anti-Virus - 11 Září, 2017 - 05:27
'Toast' micro-messages can burn just about every Android users

Any unpatched Android phone running a version older than Oreo is going to need patching fairly soon, with researchers turning up a class of vulnerability that lets malware draw fake dialogs so users “okay” their own pwnage.…

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Apache Foundation rebuffs allegation it allowed Equifax attack

The Register - Anti-Virus - 11 Září, 2017 - 04:09
Timeline explains that either Equifax didn't patch old bugs, or was zero-dayed

The Apache Software Foundation has defended its development practices in the face of a report alleging its code was responsible for the Equifax data leak.…

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Virginia scraps poke-to-vote machines hackers destroyed at DefCon

The Register - Anti-Virus - 11 Září, 2017 - 02:56
Three different machines fail tests, must be binned before November election

Virginia's State Board of Elections has decided its current generation of electronic voting machines is potentially vulnerable, and wants them replaced in time for the gubernatorial election due on November 7th, 2017.…

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Equifax: woeful PINs put frozen credit files at risk

Sophos Naked Security - 10 Září, 2017 - 15:27
Why the PINs protecting your frozen credit files aren't worthy of the name

Android Users Vulnerable to ‘High-Severity’ Overlay Attacks - 9 Září, 2017 - 16:00
Android phones not running the latest Oreo OS are vulnerable to a high-severity “toast” overlay attack.
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Red panic: Best Buy yanks Kaspersky antivirus from shelves

The Register - Anti-Virus - 9 Září, 2017 - 01:19
That gives me a great idea, says Putin – payback

Updated  US big box retailer Best Buy has pulled from its shelves Kaspersky Lab's PC security software amid fears of Kremlin spies using the antivirus tool to snoop on Americans.…

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Scotiabank internet whizzkids screw up their HTTPS security certs

The Register - Anti-Virus - 9 Září, 2017 - 00:07
Not exactly a move designed to inspire confidence

The team behind Scotiabank's Digital Banking Unit isn't impressing some customers, after forgetting to renew the security certificates for their own website.…

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Microsoft says it won't fix kernel flaw: It's not a security issue. Suuuure

The Register - Anti-Virus - 8 Září, 2017 - 21:57
So stopping antivirus software from spotting malware is now a feature?

A design flaw within the Windows kernel that could stop antivirus software from recognizing malware isn't going to be fixed, Microsoft has said.…

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Surprising nobody, lawyers line up to sue the crap out of Equifax

The Register - Anti-Virus - 8 Září, 2017 - 20:43
Class actions already piling up against identity theft brokers

Less than 24 hours after credit monitors Equifax revealed it had lost the personal data of more than 130 million Americans, two class action suits have been filed.…

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Mexican tax refund site left 400GB of sensitive customer info wide open

The Register - Anti-Virus - 8 Září, 2017 - 19:58
Tourists' passport details and credit card numbers exposed

Mexican VAT refund site MoneyBack exposed sensitive customer information online as a result of a misconfigured database.…

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News in brief: Uber faces FBI probe; Samsung offers bug bounties; ‘Humpty Dumpty’ hackers jailed

Sophos Naked Security - 8 Září, 2017 - 19:50
Your daily round-up of some of the other stories in the news

Equifax: highlighting the problems with social security numbers

Sophos Naked Security - 8 Září, 2017 - 19:29
With the SSNs of potentially half the US population exposed in the Equifax breach, it's time to rethink their ubiquitous use
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