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Dangle a DVR online and it'll be cracked in two minutes

The Register - Anti-Virus - 29 Srpen, 2017 - 08:58
Army of web scum constantly testing insecure things' well-known default passwords

Criminals are constantly attempting to log into digital video recorders by using their default credentials, the SANS Institute has found.…

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Swedish slip-up leaks hosting company's customer data

The Register - Anti-Virus - 29 Srpen, 2017 - 07:57
Bork bork bork! Hackers infiltrate major hosting provider Loopia

A major Swedish web hosting has been compromised and its entire customer database leaked.…

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Intel ME controller chip has secret kill switch

The Register - Anti-Virus - 29 Srpen, 2017 - 02:12
Researchers find undocumented accommodation for government customers

Updated  Security researchers at London-based Positive Technologies have identified an undocumented configuration setting that disables Intel Management Engine 11, a CPU control mechanism that has been described as a security risk.…

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Crowdfunding scheme hopes to pay legal fees for Marcus Hutchins

The Register - Anti-Virus - 29 Srpen, 2017 - 01:33
Cuffed security researcher needs funds to fight Feds

Exclusive  A new crowdfunding appeal to help security researcher Marcus Hutchins has begun, after persons unknown spammed his old one with potentially ruinous credit card spam.…

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Fraudulent Donations Lead to Disbanding of Hutchins Legal Defense Fund - 28 Srpen, 2017 - 22:59
A legal defense fund established to ease Marcus Hutchins’ attorney costs has been disbanded after a sizable number of fraudulent donations were discovered.
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CEOs Resign from Trump’s Cybersecurity Commission - 28 Srpen, 2017 - 22:50
Eight members of the National Infrastructure Advisory Council resigned last week, citing insufficient attention to the growing threats to the cybersecurity by the Trump Administration.
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Tech firms take down WireX Android botnet

The Register - Anti-Virus - 28 Srpen, 2017 - 21:58
The Play Store is looking buggier than ever

A coalition of tech firms has taken down the WireX botnet, a malware network run predominantly off Android phones running subverted apps.…

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Mobile WireX DDoS Botnet ‘Neutralized’ by Collaboration of Competitors - 28 Srpen, 2017 - 21:44
A large botnet of Android devices called WireX is responsible for large-scale application-layer DDoS attacks against businesses in the hospitality, porn and gambling industries.
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Anonymous Messaging App Sarahah to Halt Collection of User Data With Next Update - 28 Srpen, 2017 - 19:27
The anonymous messaging app Sarahah says it plans to remove a feature that uploads users contacts, including phone numbers and email addresses to the company’s servers, in the next update.
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